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Violet & Ever

"My wedding went smooth and without incident, and that is completely because of Lauren Worsley. My wife and I thought that we could just take care of everything wedding planning related ourselves, and soon became overwhelmed with the task at hand. Apparently it isn't as easy and booking a venue and ordering food.

We found Lauren, and I can't thank her enough for everything that she did. Lauren communicated everything that was going on, and ran all the big decisions by us. The day of the wedding, everything ran smooth. Everything was where it was supposed to be, and everything arrived right on time. Her experience really showed when she asked things that we didn't consider. Who knew I had to have someone throw out the trash at the end of the night. I certainly didn't know that the venue wasn't going to do that.

Another example of Lauren having everything covered; a few weeks before the wedding I decided to wear a bow-tie. What I didn't consider until the day of my wedding was that I did not know how to tie a bow-tie. The day of my wedding Lauren checked in on me as I was finishing getting dressed, and found me struggling to understand a YouTube video on how to tie a bow-tie. Lauren, who up to that point has never tied a bow-tie, watched the video once and tied it perfectly.

I cannot recommend Lauren enough. Seriously, if you've read this far just hire her. You'll be happy you did, and you'll recommend her to any of your friends that get married in the future."

 Jayne & Blair

"When I started wedding planning I thought I could do it all on my own. I'm a planner and a host by nature and profession. When we hired Lauren we did so because I didn't want to fall into my habit of coordinating on our wedding day. I wanted to enjoy our wedding stress free with as little responsibility as possible and we couldn't have achieved that without Lauren. 


We'd expected Lauren to just help with the event the day of the wedding. But she went above and beyond that. Leading up to our wedding day she ran through check-lists with me and did walkthroughs at the venue. She measured our reception space to be sure we could fit things where we wanted them. She calmed me when my anxiety started getting the best of me. 


The day of our wedding she arrived early and stayed late. She was at our venue literally all day, except of course when she went and picked up pizza for our groomsmen.She was organized and attentive. She followed the plans we made together and checked in with us when she had time between tasks. Our wedding went off without a hitch. Everything happened when we expected. Things (and people) were where we wanted when we wanted them there. 


As an event planner myself, I have high expectations for what a well run event looks like and Lauren exceeded my expectations. I don't think we could have had such a memorable experience without Lauren behind the scenes making it happen."

Karli & Adrian

"Adrian and I got married in October 2021 and we started working with Lauren in June. From the beginning, Lauren was warm, professional, understanding and ultimately gave us one of the greatest days we could’ve hoped for.
She sat with me, listened to all of our minute details and concerns and asked me questions that I hadn’t even considered!
From advise to assistance, she was top to bottom the greatest help. We even had weather concerns, but despite those concerns she remained equally realistic and positive. Not only did this bring us a light heart, but it helped us to focus on the joy of marrying one another.
The day of the wedding, she ensured every detail of our requests were met. When I wasn’t sure of something, she would take some creative freedom and advance our vision beyond what we thought possible.
Also on the day of, we had some last minute changes to the events and she rolled to and through those changes as though it was always part of the schedule.
I continue to receive compliments on our day, how smoothly it ran, how professional she was and more and truly, had it not been for her expertise, our day would not have been the same.
Thank you Lauren, from the bottom of our hearts, for your kindness, your efficiency and making our goals your goals to the point of our day being an absolute dream."

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